Biweekly Report [1H March 2022]

(Disclaimer: The contents are subject to change without prior notice, and under no circumstances can it be used as evidence of legal responsibility for investment results.)

Hello Stackswap Community.

In March 1H, the Stackswap team improved the front page, prepared Gold and Silver Pass NFTs, and launched the Stackswap Giveaway event for users. In addition, through the Farming Contract update, APRs were updated for each farming pool, LP values were determined to market price, and prices across the platform were converted to a USD price through an oracle.

Users are required to migrate their farming contracts from V1 to V2, else they risk losing out on rewards from farming rounds.

Progress Report

Stackswap Dashboard (at block number 52,201)

> Stacks Accelerator Verified Tokens : 7

● Stackswap (STSW)

● Stacks (STX)

● Arkadiko Token (DIKO)

● Arkadiko Stablecoin (USDA)

● Miamicoin (MIA)

● Newyorkcity Coin (NYC)

● Lucid Bitcoin (LBTC)

Stackswap Ecosystem

Stackswap UI Update

In the first iteration, the landing page, Swap, Pool, Farm, Stake, and Launchpad pages were updated.

We plan to update NFT and Vault pages and iron out minor bugs through the second update scheduled over the next 8 weeks. Please let us know through Discord or other social channels if there are any problems.

Stackswap Giveaway Event

Stackswap will hold a Giveaway Event for about a month.

We welcome participation from both new and existing users as we will give out Gold Pass and Silver Pass NFTs, as well as $STSW tokens.



10 random winners : Gold Pass NFT

1,000 random winners : Silver Pass NFT

1,000 random winners : 10 STSW


11:00 PM EST, April 12th, 2022

Farming Update V2

Existing V1 farming users must migrate to V2 in order to receive rewards from round 14 onwards.

How to migrate

1. Stackswap Farming Access: Here.

2. Click on V1 and click on the LP pool you have (Select as STX-STSW in the example below)

3. Click Migrate to V2

4. Click the Confirm button

5. After completion, check if it is confirmed through View TX in Explorer

Community Expansion

The Stackswap team is discussing various ways to strengthen communication with users. In the future, Q&As and AMAs will be held periodically through our social media channels. In addition to contents related to the Stacks and Stackswap ecosystem, we will share articles on comprehensive topics such as blockchain, metabus, and AI.

  1. 3/1 zero.btc and Twitter space.

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