Biweekly Report [2H April 2023]

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(Disclaimer: The contents are subject to change without prior notice, and under no circumstances can it be used as evidence of legal responsibility for investment results. The information provided here does not constitute investment advice. If you have any questions, please contact the Stackswap team.)

Hello, Stackswap Community.

Progress Report

> Stackswap Dashboard (at block number 104,289)

For more details on the new farming system, read our Farming update post:

> Stacks Accelerator Verified Tokens: 10

  • Stackswap (STSW)
  • Stacks (STX)
  • Arkadiko Token (DIKO)
  • Arkadiko Stablecoin (USDA)
  • Miamicoin (MIA) v1
  • Miamicoin (MIA) v1
  • Newyorkcity Coin (NYC) v2
  • Newyorkcity Coin (NYC) v2
  • Lucid Bitcoin (lBTC)
  • HireVibes (VIBES)
  • Auto ALEX (atALEX)
  • Lydian (LDN)

Stackswap Ecosystem

Stackswap’s farming contract has been updated to V3, to be more in line with Stacks 2.1 updates.

Details of the updates and other relevant information:

Announcement : Farming Contract Update

Key Components

  • Simplified LP staking process
  • Easy withdrawal of LP tokens
  • Efficient claiming of Farm Rewards

In light of several issues that arose from the planned Stacks 2.1 updates, and issues connected to nodes and Hiro Wallet transactions, we found setbacks in the timeline. Below is a short roundup of information and updates from around the Stacks community.

  • Stackswap Discord update

The Stackswap team has been preparing an update that includes improvements to the farming contract, optimized reward claim system, and other improvements to the platform. However, due to recent issues with nodes and contracts, the team is taking time to ensure the stability and performance of the latest hard fork of the Stacks blockchain.

These checks are aimed at optimizing node settings and improving contract code stability, and the overall stability and efficiency of the Stackswap DEX. As soon as we have an update from the Stacks Foundation and Hiro team, we will provide notification through community channels.

More update posts:

Stack Forum — Issue passing trait arguments in epoch 2.2

This upgrade will go live at Bitcoin block 788,240 which is currently estimated for May 4th, 2024 around 1300 UTC.

Stacks Status — now ready

Xverse — Due to a Stacks API bug, there may be temporary challenges when connecting to @Stacks dapps (marketplaces, DeFi protocols etc.).

Muneeb — The ability of the Stacks layer ecosystem to identify and respond to bugs & issues is improving every day.

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