Biweekly Report [2H December 2021]

Dear Stackswap Community,

We are the team behind Stackswap, the first DEX and launchpad on Stacks.

During the second half of December, we mainly focused on improving the stability of the protocol and introduced new means to bring over different assets onto Stackswap. We are especially excited to announce the STX-backed LBTC project, a synthetic Bitcoin asset with Bitcoin yield to issuers. We have also made efforts to improve the usability by introducing Gitbook documentation, user guides, and FAQ documentation, along with the supporting activities in our online community.

Progress Report

Stackswap Dashboard (at block number 43,340)

In order to participate in a farming round, user must participate before the starting block of that round.
In order to participate in a Staking round, user must participate before the starting block of that round.

Number of Stacks Accelerator Verified Tokens : 6

  • Stackswap (STSW)
  • Stacks (STX)
  • Arkadiko Token (DIKO)
  • Arkadiko Stablecoin (USDA)
  • Miamicoin (MIA)
  • Newyorkcity Coin (NEW)

Stackswap Ecosystem & Governance

GitBook v 0.1 released here

Summary of contents:

  • Background information : Our objectives, problems in the landscape, and solutions by Stackswap
  • Platform Features : Swap, Pool, Token Incentives (Farming), Staking, Launchpad etc.
  • User Guide : updated semi-real time per feedback from the online community
  • Contracts : Contract Addresses utilized in Stackswap platform, such as Liquidity token, Restricted Token, Swap, One-Step Mint (Token Launchpad)
  • API : endpoint for Pool information, with more to be added
  • Contract Audit : Stackswap contract audit report by Tintash

Token Policy Change

We have introduced a front-end policy to protect Stackswap users and to discourage potential rug pulls. There are no changes in relevant smart contracts, so we still do not have any control in the listing process.

Community created tokens will be given exposure and listed given the following requirements:

  • Tokens issued and created using Stackswap’s Launchpad will require a total liquidity pool value of around 125,000 STSW tokens (≒USD 50,000) to be listed on our available token list.
  • Tokens issued and created outside of Stackswap’s Launchpad will require a total liquidity pool value of around 250,000 STSW tokens (≒USD 100,000) to be listed on the token list. These tokens include smart contracts that we haven’t audited thoroughly, unlike the safe tokens created from our own Token Launchpad.

The minimum amount of STSW required for front-end display will be updated every 2 weeks to reflect the STSW token price in USD.

The STSW pair’s LP tokens will be completely controlled by the account that created/added pool so Stackswap has no control over them.

Anyone is free to create and operate their own frontend with their own UI/UX policy, leveraging the Stackswap smart contract if they want.

Front-end UI/UX update in progress (~90 %)

The changes on our UI will feature new designs that will help users navigate the site and different apps more easily. They will also be future-proofed for when we are able to provide services on mobile applications.

Stackswap Tech Updates

The team has designed and tested LBTC on the devnet and testnet. Mainnet testing is ongoing.

What is LBTC?

LBTC is a Stacks token which tracks and matches the price of BTC.

Applied Technology

  • Vault : User sends STX or STSW as collateral and issue LBTC
  • Oracle : Price feed with mathematically proven robustness to attacks (detailed information will be released in a Stackswap blog post in near future)
  • Collateral token/ratio options : 4 total options available
  • Stability fee : means to hedge against risks of holding on to the loans upon creation of LBTC
  • Liquidation : liquidation upon the value of the collateral dropping below the liquidation ratio with respect to value of issued LBTC

Conducted Tests

  • Vault creation, issuance and burning of LBTC with STX and STSW
  • Oracle attack resistance
  • Other essential operations

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