Biweekly Report [2H June 2023]

3 min readJul 11, 2023

(Disclaimer: The contents are subject to change without prior notice, and under no circumstances can it be used as evidence of legal responsibility for investment results. The information provided here does not constitute investment advice. If you have any questions, please contact the Stackswap team.)

Hello, StackSwap Community,

Progress Report

> Stackswap Dashboard (at block number 112,688)

> Stacks Accelerator Verified Tokens: 12

  • Stackswap (STSW)
  • Stacks (STX)
  • Arkadiko Token (DIKO)
  • Arkadiko Stablecoin (USDA)
  • Miamicoin (MIA) v1
  • Miamicoin (MIA) v1
  • Newyorkcity Coin (NYC) v2
  • Newyorkcity Coin (NYC) v2
  • Lucid Bitcoin (lBTC)
  • HireVibes (VIBES)
  • ALEX Token (ALEX)
  • auto ALEX (atALEX)

Stackswap Ecosystem

Hello Swapsters!

Our DEX is planning to introduce a new feature, available in the next few weeks. From this development, we will be able to operate a data serving API using GraphQL.

GraphQL is a powerful and flexible query language that allows users to request and receive the data they need. From here on, users will be able to access all the data of our DEX and receive this information.

Our GraphQL API will give users the freedom to explore data and extract the information they need. The schema allows developers to see available queries, their fields, and arguments. Furthermore, it will provide superior performance and efficiency compared to the more traditional RESTful APIs. Multiple objects and fields can be fetched simultaneously in a single request, and data can be nested and combined. This reduces network overhead and improved application performance.


GraphQL APIs can support a variety of client platforms and languages, including web, mobile, and desktop applications- while keeping the ability to be used with existing RESTful endpoints.

Our hope is to continue to improve and update features to provide users, entrepreneurs, and projects with a better experience and efficiency. With some work and some patience, we hope to make Stackswap a Tracked Exchange on CoinMarketCap. This would mean that tokens launched and listed on Stackswap would also be available for viewing on CMC.

More information about the new GraphQL API and a simple user guide will be published along with new updates when it is complete. Several major improvements will be brought to APIs related to token data, pools, and smart contracts:


Real-time token information query:

Through the improved REST API, users and projects will be able to query updated token information for each block height. This enables accurate and prompt provision of up-to-date token price data to users as well as token developers.


Real-time Swap transaction query:

Whenever a swap transaction is recorded through the GraphQL API, investors as well as users can receive swap information in real-time. This enables the implementation of automated trading strategies and can provide stable trading to users.

Stackswap User Guides

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