Biweekly Report [1H October 2023]

3 min readOct 18, 2023

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Hello, StackSwap Community.

> Block-height in Nakamoto #3943

Recently, there was discussion in the Stacks developer community about the impact on the ecosystem if the block height (confirmation speed) changes depending on the Nakamoto release.

The main points of discussion and the issues to monitor are as follows:

Due to the rapid increase in block times in the Nakamoto upgrade, BNS name renewals may expire sooner than expected, which may lead to unexpected behavior in BNS and other software that uses block heights. One suggestion is to continue increasing the block height at each lease term change, rather than at each block height change in a Clarity 1 or Clarity 2 contract.

This will bring it closer to the current block height rate. However, there are two problems with this proposal.

First, it can be confusing if block height has different meanings in different versions of Clarity.

Second, functions that use block height may not work as expected if they are passed a lease height instead of a block height.

We are assuming scenarios for major change elements such as Clarity 3 call function, Tenure-hight, and Block-height, and examining their impact on the project. We will continue to check for this issue in order to minimize the impact on the project as the update progresses.

> Bitcoin Utility 2023 — Sora Ventures > DeFi > Stackswap

@sora_ventures has shared their Q3 Bitcoin Ecosystem Map Q3 2023. Stackswap has been published under their DeFi sector.

Stackswap Ecosystem


Location : London

Oct 19–20 : Bitcoin Unleashed

Oct 21–22 : EasyA Hackathon

At Unleashed London, industry leaders including Stacks Foundation, Coinbase, Hiro, CoinDesk and more will bring together top entrepreneurs, Bitcoin Core developers, Layer 2 technologists, developers and investors for informative talks, educational workshops and high-quality networking.

Key sessions include live demos, technical workshops, key speakers, parties, panels, and discussions on everything from DeFi to decentralized gaming, NFTs, Ordinals, regulation, and more to deepen your understanding of the Bitcoin ecosystem and trends.

Progress Report

> Stackswap Dashboard (at block number 124,966 )

> Stacks Accelerator Verified Tokens: 12

  • Stackswap (STSW)
  • Stacks (STX)
  • atALEX (atALEX)
  • Arkadiko Token (DIKO)
  • Arkadiko Stablecoin (USDA)
  • Miamicoin (MIA) v1
  • Miamicoin (MIA) v1
  • Newyorkcity Coin (NYC) v2
  • Newyorkcity Coin (NYC) v2
  • Lucid Bitcoin (lBTC)
  • HireVibes (VIBES)

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