How to Swap on Stackswap

2 min readAug 9, 2022
Stackswap Swap

A guide to obtaining the tokens you need on a permissionless DEX

For instructions on connecting your Leather Wallet account on the Stackswap App, see this article.

Any user with a Stacks Wallet account, a supply of tokens, and STX for transaction fees can swap tokens on the Stackswap App.

Swap interface on Stackswap App v2

Select your tokens of choice by clicking on the “From” and “To” tokens, which will reveal the full list of available tokens on Stackswap’s token list.

Don’t see your desired token on the list? Import it by contract address in the search bar at the top. This process may take a few minutes.

The default swap screen will show the exchange rate between the two tokens, found either through an existing pool between the tokens, or a router swap that will take a multiple swap path to get you the tokens you want. For more options, select the button on the top right of the swap interface.

The additional settings will also allow setting an upper limit on slippage tolerance, as well as more information including minimum of token Y (destination token) received, and price impact.

Once ready, click “Commit to Blockchain”. The Leather Wallet pop-up will appear, and will allow you to check the final details before you confirm it.

Once the Leather Wallet extension has been confirmed, Stackswap will provide a link to the transaction on the Stacks Explorer.

Congratulations! That’s how easy it is to execute a swap on Stackswap.

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