Migrating to Farming v3

3 min readMay 17, 2023


With the updates to the farming contract, here are the steps that users need to take to claim any outstanding rewards they have, and migrate their LPs to the farming v3 contract.

Missed our summary on what was updated for Farming v3? Read about it here: https://stackswap.medium.com/farming-contract-updates-ccde422d59df

1. Check your wallet for your rewards.

Missed rewards during the rounds for which the contract update took place were sent directly to user wallets.

The contract called was the send-many function as follows: https://explorer.hiro.so/txid/0xe16fc5155be2a8dc54ae87e165fca79fdccb663cb5e958558173237cb7046a79?chain=mainnet

You can check how many STSW your wallet was eligible for here:

2. Unstake your LP tokens from old Farms

The next step will be to unstake LP tokens from the now-defunct Farms.

V2 Farms will stay up so that users may still claim their rewards up to round 59. The reward claim process for V2 farms are not included in the V3 updates and will have to be individually claimed.

Navigate to V2 farms at https://app.stackswap.org/farm_v2 and select a pool that your LP tokens are in.

Stackswap V2 Unstake

Select “Claim Reward | Unstake LP”. You may have to look through the list of your staking instances to find an instance that has an LP token amount that can be unstaked:

Stackswap V2 Unstake

3. Stake your LP tokens into the v3 Farms with corresponding Pools.

Finally, complete migration to v3 Farms by going to the new Farms to lock in your LP tokens for future rewards.

Input your desired amount of tokens to stake into the V3 farm to be eligible for the following rounds’ rewards.

If you have any questions, please reach out through our socials.

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